Saturday Night Full Moon Walk: National Mall Monuments & Memorials

Date and Time
Sat, July 8, 2017
7:15 PM – 9:30 PM EDT

Washington Monument
Washington, DC 20024

Meet people – see places – learn things – have fun – with our famous full moon walk!

Washington DC’s monuments and memorials on the National Mall are spectacular in the evening, and even more so during a full moon. Since July’s full moon falls on a Saturday it’s a perfect time for an evening walk with familiar and new friends from our Meetup group.

Our walk will start at the base of the Washington Monument, east side, and then cover approximately 3 miles past DC’s most famous monuments and memorials. We will stop briefly at the Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln Memorials for photo/bathroom breaks.

This event is hosted by Washington, DC History & Culture

Heat Advisory: With the summer weather expected to be hot and humid please bring bottled water or other fluids to keep hydrated. There are very minimal, sometimes no opportunities to obtain water/fluids (either through drinking fountains or purchase) along our route!

Meet New People: We’ll have a good-sized group and it’s hard to remember people’s names. Therefore, we’ll bring blank name tags and pens and each person can write their name and “dream” vacation – example: “Robert – Hawaii/Europe.”

Click here for more information. 

Meet up start time: 7:15 pm for group "icebreaker" introductions

Sunset = 8:35 pm

Moonrise = 8:10 pm

Walk end time = approximately 9:30 pm at the WWII Memorial (but depends how fast we go).


Washington Monument

The Tidal Basin

Jefferson Memorial (10-minute photo/restroom break)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (10-minute photo/restroom break)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial (10-minute photo/restroom break)

Vietnam War Memorial

World War II Memorial

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